Capital Funds Leasing strives to provide the best payment options for commercial equipment leasing in the industry. We work within your budget, balanced with your business goals to provide the best fit payment plan for your commercial equipment lease.

  Monthly payment plan Seasonal/ skip payments graduated payments 90 day deferred plan 6 x 99 plan quarterly, semi-annual, annual payments
Description Standard lease Skip 3 months of payments per year. Low early payments that increase over time. No payments for the first 90 days of the lease. Only $99/ month for first 6 months. Make your payments on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.
Up Front Costs 2 payments (first and last) N/A N/A None. $99 payment N/A
Additional Details End of lease options depend on type of lease chosen:

$1.00 buyout

fair market value

10%-20% purchase option
Payments are prorated over the remaining 9 months of the year. The low payments generally last for the first year or two, and then increase in the following years. Payments are apportioned over the rest of the term of the lease. Payments are apportioned over the rest of the term of the lease. Available to businesses with top credit.
Ideal for Anyone interested in long term, level payment lease. Businesses with a predictable or seasonal fluctuation of income. Anyone who wants to minimize upfront costs.  Especially valuable if your business waits on payments from third parties. Opening a new business?  Need to expand quickly? Also great for anyone looking to open a new business or expand quickly. Businesses with sporadic revenue cycles.

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